Gilridge Golf
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550 Claudie Road, Douglas

Easy to find and only 8.2Km from downtown Fredericton as follows:

Take the Westmorland Street bridge north across the river which now becomes Ring Road (Route 105). Continue through the lights at Maple Street (1.5 Km from downtown), through the lights at Brookside Drive, through the Royal Road intersection until you reach the intersection of Claudie Road and Route 105 (at this intersection, Claudie Road is northbound, Sunset Drive southbound - no lights at this intersection). Approximately 8.2 Km from downtown.

Turn right on Claudie Road and go about 2 Km to the course. On Route 105 look for the blue Provincial sign showing a golfer just before you get to Claudie Road.

For a more detailed map, (including: zoom, and compass), click here